Olson Wealth Group

Olson Wealth Group was in need of a new responsive website to grow their digital presence. Anovation collaborated with CEL Marketing to design and develop a website that focused on their goals and drive more clients to their website. We built the website on WordPress and developed a custom theme using UnderStrap theme framework. The website is fully responsive and adaptive and features multiple custom layouts.

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Southdale ObGyn

Southdale ObGyn was in need of a facelift for their website that focused on user experience and responsive design. Anovation collaborated with CEL Marketing to develop a custom website solution that catered to their needs and requirements. The website was built on WordPress using the UnderStrap theme framework and features a custom designed theme, advanced plugin integrations, and multiple page templates.

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Construction eLink

Construction eLink is a marketplace for selling and buying equipment for a network of construction industry professionals. I was contracted to assist in the design and development process of the website. The website is built using a server-less architecture on Amazon web services. Angular JS and Twitter’s Bootstrap was used for the front end development and utilizes both Node.js and Amazon Lambda in conjunction with their API gateway to develop a custom backend solution with out the need of a full stack environment.

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Anovation is a digital marketing agency that focuses on custom web solutions for businesses and organizations. I developed a custom website that focuses on user engagement and a simple and clean interface. The website is built on WordPress and uses the Genesis theme framework and Twitter’s Bootstrap. The website is currently in development and will be released soon.


YourManasota is a local directory marketplace and a brand of Mark Fasel, LLC. I am developing this product to launch in my local community as a way to help people find businesses, read reviews on restaurants, search classified ads, and much more, The website application is built using Ruby on Rails and Twitter’s Bootstrap. AngularJS is used for front end JavaScript to provide an enhanced experience. The application is in development and will be available for beta access soon.